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although there seems to have been a lapse in cultural continuity between the communities.

The September 1962 issue of MAD Magazine published an article titled "Typewri-toons." The piece, featuring typewriter-generated artwork credited to "Royal Portable," was entirely made up of repurposed typography, including a capital letter P having a bigger bust than a capital I, a lowercase b and d discussing their pregnancies, an asterisk on top of a letter to indicate the letter had just come inside from a snowfall, and a classroom of lowercase n's interrupted by a lowercase h "raising its hand." Two additional "Typewri-toons" articles subsequently appeared in Mad, in 19.

It was realized on order of a large insurance company as part of a campaign to bolster the morale of its employees and soon became a big hit.The use of emoticons can be traced back to the 17th century, drawn by a Slovak notary to indicate his satisfaction with the state of his town's municipal financial records in 1635, but they were commonly used in casual and humorous writing.Digital forms of emoticons on the Internet were included in a proposal by Scott Fahlman of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in a message on 19 September 1982.Be open and honest with your boyfriend and listen to what he has to say without judging him.If you mess up or get in a fight, don't be too stubborn to say you're sorry.

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