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He told him not to look in the land of Canaanites, whom Noah previously placed a curse upon, but in Abraham’s own land and among his own relatives (v. When Abraham’s servant had arrived near the spring in the town of Nahor, he prayed that the Lord would reveal to him the woman whom He had chosen for Isaac (vv.12-14).God led the steps of Abraham’s servant directly to the place, at the proper time, for him to meet the woman whom God had already set aside for Isaac.If you use an online dating site (also called online personals) to filter through a waiting pool of potential mates, are you truly trusting and believing in God?There appear to be two extreme points of view when it comes to dating and marriage.One is that all you need to do is trust in and believe in God, and seek to please Him, and do not worry about finding a wife, and one day it will happen.Maybe you will run into your future spouse in a supermarket, totally by accident.You must use Holy Spirit discernment as to the “where” and “how” you search for a mate.

And Isaac might never have met Rebekah if Abraham’s servant did not obey his master and go to the place where God had the blessing awaiting.These sites can present a “quick fix” for immature Christians who have become impatient waiting on God’s blessing, and want to take the matter into their own hands.They provide a way for lonely Christians to quickly and, with minimal effort, become linked with someone who is interested in them, even if God is not ready for them to take on a mate just yet.Do not bow to impatience, loneliness, lust, low self-esteem, the belief that you will never find a mate, or the “ticking of the biological clock,” all of which often leads people to these sites.As with many things in life, online dating sites can be a blessing to those who were meant to use them and use them properly, but can be destructive to others.

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And it includes endorsements from several pastors and ministers from around the country.

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