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Her clean swipe through the jamón ceiling was the beacon of inspiration that drew chef Marcie Turney and her partner, Valerie Safran, to Corbacho’s family store in the Andalusian town of Ronda — La Casa de Jamón — during their reconnaissance tour of Spain last year in preparation for Jamonera, the latest addition to their empire of eateries and shops around 13th and Sansom Streets. They sipped Perucchi Spanish vermouth over giant ice cubes in Madrid.

They ate crispy rice dishes in Huelva, where they also stood by the road and playfully threw acorns at the famously acorn-craving Jabugo pigs.

Turney has her own ham-slicing technique down, too, sawing strips with a long thin knife that have deliberately ragged edges and offer a bit more chew than the demurely paper-thin machine-sliced ham you’re more likely to see around Philly. Turney is at her best when she lets such great ingredients shine.

The flavor has more gusto, too, with a deep and lingering richness that really tastes like butter and nuts (acorns? And that ham, pricey but generously portioned, makes cameos throughout the many small plates on Jamonera’s menu.

Philly’s small but ambitious tapas scene has to date been dominated by men, too, and one hombre, in particular: the ubiquitous Jose Garces.

But these women have brought a distinctive luster of their own, infused with the infectious energy of their successes across the street at Barbuzzo and Lolita, Safran’s eye for design details, and Turney’s talent for melding rustic flavors with her own creative and seasonal touches.

And from Corbacho’s store, they bought a jamón and the viselike ham stand made of walnut wood called, not coincidentally, a jamonera.

It sits now like a talisman in the corner of their restaurant, an intimate, votive-lit 35-seater with Rioja-colored accents, carved wooden chandeliers, a long copper-topped bar, soft leather banquettes, and enough sherry to wash away any curried memories of Bindi, their now-closed Indian venture.

But they’re delicate and tender, with a smoky wisp of pimenton Spanish paprika, a squirt of lemon, and garlic chips.Stacked together in the same cazuela, they were a mistake.And there are too many other Spanish flavors yet to explore for Turney’s occasional off-route detours to maple-buttered toast topped with mushrooms and foie gras (Allô, Montréal?It comes ribboned in the crispy calasparra rice with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and smoked St. It comes hidden in the “judias verdes” like a meaty surprise, tucked beneath a spring tangle of pea tendrils, fava beans, crunchy torn-bread croutons, and creamy sheep’s milk ricotta touched with lemon and mint.She works similar wonders with ingredients as humble as the potato — fried in rough chunks to a shattering crisp, then drizzled with smoked garlic aioli and sunspots of her own sherry vinegar hot sauce.

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