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The Republican Party was a far stronger institution before W.and the neocons got behind the wheel and wrecked the country in the Iraq War.This is how we got the War on Racism, the War on Drugs and the War on Poverty.In retrospect, this was an unusual period in American history when the mass media had been concentrated in a few hands and was trusted because journalists were considered to be objective.The benefits of the economic growth of the last twenty years have accrued to only the upper class.

The United States was 88.6% non-Hispanic White in 1960. The costs of diversity weren’t readily apparent to most White Americans in the 1960s. For many decades, the Baby Boomers were able to navigate around the racial issue by moving to lily White suburbs, but this is increasingly unaffordable for Millennials.Few people on the Right trust the SPLC or the mainstream media anymore and they are unlikely to recover that prestige.The whole structure of politically correct taboos that has controlled discourse and narrowed the range of “respectable” behavior on the Right for two generations has similarly been cheapened and weakened through overuse.The postwar boom combined with immigration restriction had created flush times in an the United States by the 1960s.This was the context of the social experiments of that transformative decade.

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  1. Since the larger percentage of families in America live on dual-incomes (U. Census, 2004), demands of jobs and careers necessitate that children be exposed to diverse social contexts.