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This requires expert analysis, commentary and inputs from people experienced in trade policy formation and practice.

The UK Trade Policy observatory (UKTPO), a partnership between the University of Sussex and Chatham House, is an independent expert group that: 1) Initiates, comments on and analyses trade policy proposals for the UK; 2) Trains British policy makers, negotiators and other interested parties through tailored training packages.

#present 2018 Meeting House, Chapel Tuesday 16 January until Jason Evans, Quaker Chaplain Join us for a meditation based on the insights and practices of early Quakers. Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] Uni Students on Twitter RT @ITServices: Additional Study Direct support available to students this weekend uk/its/news/story… RT @Sussex Uni: Researchers from @Sussex Psych & @Sussex Law explain how hate crime can affect a whole community in this @BBCNews fea… RT @Attenborough Ctr: To celebrate the release of a new album from @Ed Hughes16 @Sussex Uni - we have a give-away! For security, always sign out and close the browser (not just the page) when using a public computer e.g. More information can be obtained from the Computer and Technical Services FAQ section on the IDS Intranet (this site is for IDS members only). If you have forgotten your current IDS password or you are experiencing difficulties logging on to the IDS portal, you will need to contact the IDS helpdesk ([email protected]) for assistance. You can change your IDS password by navigating to this link: Change your IDS password Please note that you can only change your password if you know your current IDS password.

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